Have you ever thought, “I wish I had this on camera?” A child’s giggle. Your favorite funny TV commercial. The soldier’s heart-warming return. 

Video surrounds us. We share it with others, watch it on loop, and grab a camera when we want to save the moment.

Cameras provide awesome ways to record messages, information, and events – and then share it with our families, neighbors, or the entire world. Over and over. 

Because that’s what video is. Life on repeat.

Hello, everyone! My name is Anna Wright. I’m a follower of Jesus Christ, a filmmaker/editor, and lover of creativity. I’ve been blessed to work on a variety of film projects, including promotional videos, short films, and live events. 

Own the Lens Productions is in the Boonville, Missouri locale. My goal is to serve individuals, families, and businesses with excellence and deliver a quality product.

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